Modding a Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter

Recently, I’ve been riding my Xiaomi M365 quite a lot during this summer in sunny Portugal. However, since I’m 1.93m and weight over 90kg, the electric scooter has some issues on handling steep inclines (specially on cobblestone, which is extremely common over here).

To improve the riding experience, I’ve decided to mod the scooter. When doing this, one must take into account the balance between the extra power and the motor/battery wear.

This is not recommended by Xiaomi and will probably void your warranty, so proceed at your own risk.

Having said that, here are the steps to mod your Xiaomi M365:

  1. Customize the firmware (
  2. Transfer the output zip to an Android phone
  3. Using m365 DownG flash your scooter (this app also provides some extra useful information regarding your scooter: number of battery cycles, production date, etc.)

My preferred settings (different from default firmware) are listed below:

Firmware version1.3.8preferred by the community
KERS min speed45personal max confortable & safe speed
Max speed40speed up to which the motor works
Start speed2speed at which motor starts
Power constant32000minimum recommended (↓=↑power)
Cruise control delay3stime delay to start cruise control
Russian throttleTruecustom algorithm

Some final remarks: the main field that is relevant to change is the power constant, it will decrease your scooter’s range but you’ll notice a considerable difference when going uphill; the KERS min speed needs to be a slightly above the max speed, otherwise you will notice an intermittent change between accelaration and breaking when at that speed. Finally, don’t forget to wear an helmet, follow your local road regulations and have fun!