Talking @ The Real Python Podcast

This week (at the time of writing), I was a guest at the The Real Python Podcast - a weekly Python podcast hosted by Christopher Bailey. It includes interviews, coding tips, and conversation with guests from the Python community.

As co-organizers of DjangoCon Europe 2021, David and I talked a bit about the conference: how the organization of the virtual event has been, some of the difficulties in the process (it was supposed to be a physical conference at Porto), and what makes it different and exciting! You can listen to the podcast here:

For those that know me, I was well outsite my comfort zone since I usually prefer to be on the “backstage” rather than on the spotlight. Looking back, it was an interesting experience. I just feel sorry that I did not make a microphone upgrade prior to the recording of the podcast, after all it does make you sound smarter! 1

  1. Newman, E. J., & Schwarz, N. (2018). Good sound, good research: How audio quality influences perceptions of the research and researcher. Science Communication, 40(2), 246-257. ↩︎